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        置標出錯:列名 'ac7315' 無效。 |EN

        AP SoC Connectivity MCU Audio Amplifier
        Audio Amplifier

        4*45W quad bridge carradio  amplifier

        AEC-Q100:Automotive Grade 2

        The AC7315 is an ClassAB audio power amplifier, packaged in FZIP25 and designed for car radio applications.

        The amplifier use the complementary DMOS output stage in the BCD process, the DMOS output stage guarantee the perfect sound quality with high power output signal.

        The amplifier contains four channels in BTL configuration and each with fixed gain of 26dB. Thanks for the outstanding THD spec, this device supply the Hi-Fi and clear sound quality. It is compliant to the OEM specification for low voltage operation (“Start Stop). The max power is 4X45W in 4ohm load. 
        ? High output power capability
        ? 4 x 45 W / 4 max.
        ? 4 x 26 W / 4 @ 14.4 V, 1 kHz, 10 % 
        Capable to operate in low voltage (6V) conditions(startstop
        ? MOSFET output power stage 
        ? Excellent GSM noise immunity 
        ? Hi-Fi class distortion 
        ? Built in various detection circuits in pin25(output offset voltage, output short, over voltage) 
        ? Low output offset voltage
        ? Standby function 

        ? Mute function

        Auto mute at min. supply voltage detection

        Internally fixed gain(26 dB) 

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